You can make a difference in a child’s life TODAY!


Children with CASA volunteers:

  • Get through the court system faster
  • Are adopted or returned to family more quickly
  • Receive more needed services

Each year, volunteers for New Mexico’s 17 CASA programs provide over 50,000 hours of volunteer advocacy to over 2500 foster children. In Sandoval County, we have up to 30 CASA volunteers serving 30-50 children at any one time. CASA volunteers come from all cultures, professions, ethnic and educational backgrounds; they are ordinary citizens who are specially trained to serve as independent advocates for children involved in abuse and neglect cases.

Unlike the State Social Workers, a CASA volunteer is appointed to one case at a time and can focus on learning as much as possible about the circumstances that brought that family’s children into state custody, the progress being made by the family, and the permanent placement options for that child. The goal of the CASA volunteer is to advocate for each child and help move that child out of foster care and into a safe, permanent home as quickly as possible. The CASA program collaborates closely with all the various agencies and organizations that are part of the child welfare team—social workers, foster parents, therapists, teachers, service providers, attorneys, relatives and family members.

Trained CASA advocates are sworn officers of the court that gather information for the court and recommend to the judge what is needed to keep a child safe, and what is in each child’s best interest. While other parties in the case are also concerned about the child, they have other children, other cases, and other interests. The CASA volunteer is the only person in the case whose sole concern is the best interest of their child.

Volunteer Qualifications

  1. Be, at least, twenty one (21) years old.
  2. Complete a written application, a criminal background check (with no felony convictions), a brief personal interview, and a reference check.
  3. Complete the initial thirty (30) hour training program, and twelve (12) hours yearly of in-service training.
  4. Share a concern for the children of our community!

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We need dedicated and committed men and women willing to be voices for abused and neglected children. As a Court Appointed Special Advocate, you will be appointed by a judge to provide caring and consistent support on behalf of an innocent child going through a difficult legal process. You will receive specialized training from professionals in the field to familiarize you with child welfare services and the court systems, as well as interviewing techniques, case review, child development, and cultural sensitivity.

If making a difference in the life of a child sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us at: (505) 720-7030.