The Need is Great

All children have needs. Trauma increases a child’s needs. Children experience trauma when they are abused or neglected, when they see others suffer abuse, and even when they are removed from their unsafe homes.

Currently over 2500 traumatized children are in foster care in New Mexico.

Of those children:

    • 1,278 need behavioral health services
    • 1,034 have experienced the additional trauma of moving three or more times in foster care.
    • 1,014 have educational and developmental problems.
    • 1,000 have been in foster care two years or more.
    • 300 were sexually abused

(statistics courtesy of New Mexico Child Abuse Network )

Ways To Help

  • Become a foster or adoptive parent. Learn more at:
  • Speak with or become a CASA volunteer advocate. Call our office at: 505-720-7030 for more information
  • Donate funds to support our efforts.

Find out more about supporting Sandoval County CASA. Please contact Executive Director Maureen Nunez at:

(505) 720-7030 or by email