At any one time, there are over 2500 children in foster care in New Mexico, many of them right here in Sandoval County. Imagine how a child might feel, being taken out of their home because their parents can’t or won’t take care of them. Imagine being thrust into a world of ever-changing strangers—police, judges, lawyers, social workers and therapists—all of whom deal with many cases and many children. Now imagine a CASA volunteer advocate –assigned to a child’s case as the one person who is dedicated only to the best interests of that child, the one person who will be a constant, caring figure for that child in a world of change.

CASA volunteers work diligently to ensure that each child moves through the system as quickly as possible, toward the ultimate goal of a safe and permanent home. Having a CASA significantly shortens the time most children spend in foster care, and offers each child individual attention and the opportunity to have their voice heard in a system where it is all too often silenced.